Are you looking for CrossFit in Atlanta? Here’s what our members say.

“Going to a regular gym
wasn’t giving me any results.”

“I lost over 100lbs, got stronger
and more confident!”

“Movements are scaled and everyone is at different levels. No outsiders here!”

“I’m 47, I’ve lost 6″ from my waist and in better shape than when I was 25.”

Before-After-AK-CrossFitYou do not need to get in shape BEFORE signing up for our programs:


Often when people hear “CrossFit” and “BootCamp” they think – “I need to get in decent shape before I could ever do those things!”

At our gym, nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve been helping people of all fitness levels in get in the best shape of their lives for over 20 years. We have the experience and knowledge of what it takes to properly help beginners.

You’ll feel the welcoming environment we’ve created for people who have never worked out before or have had a long layoff from working out. We are different from other gyms. We’ve made it our mission to make all programs accessible to every level of client.

Can we help intermediate and advanced athletes? Of course we can, and we do! These folks need a much different approach to coaching.

We foster an environment that is helpful and encouraging so that no one ever feels intimidated or that they are holding up the group.

Please, do yourself a favor. Come on by and try us. We promise that your experience will be positive. We won’t beat you down to “build you back up again.” Does this mean that it will be easy if you are a beginner… no. But we will scale the workouts to suit your level so you can feel successful every single time you come to class, and you will see amazing results.