About Our Team

Josiah Igidi

I’ve always had a craving for adventure. Some of my hobbies include mountain biking, obstacle races, and paint ball. I’m also a total nerd. I devour books on philosophy, history, and the law of attraction (quantum physics).

I started CrossFitting 6 years ago and my first WOD revolutionized my idea of fitness. It never ceases to amaze me how prioritizing my fitness has enhanced other aspects of my life. I’m happier, more confident, full of energy, and mentally sharp! I became a CrossFit coach to help other people experience the same vitality and quality to life. We are all atheletes and our sport is life. Let me coach you through your fitness journey! Ready? 3-2-1 GO!!!

Amanda Chamberlin

I am a management consultant with a running and CrossFit obsession.  Since starting CrossFit, I have become addicted to the competition, the camaraderie, and of course the constant sore-ness.  I love working with members to help them reach their goals – both fitness and non-fitness related!

Elaina Sanders

After 20+ years training in classical ballet and yoga, I’ve found a new passion in teaching CrossFit. My main goal for myself is to make sure my class is full of smiles and high fives and to transform my clients into formidable powerhouses who sweat confidence. I greatly enjoy using my knowledge to assist clients with stretching to increase flexibility and to prevent injury or even help those dealing with discomfort. I’m also a black belt in American karate and teach karate to kids and adults as well as kickboxing and kettlebell.  I’m at the gym often so if you see me walking around, feel free to ask me questions.  I’m always happy to help.

Greta Beasley

I have had a love for wellness/fitness from an early age where I always participated in sports with my family and played basketball all four years of high school. I have a Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology and have taught many different fitness classes such as body blast, circuit, tabata, boot camp, and cardio kickboxing. I have been personal training since 2002 as well. I love assisting others on their fitness journeys and tell people “fitness is a journey, not a destination.”

In addition, I am a CrossFit level 1 coach and have been CrossFitting for more than 7 years. I love for people to join in on my journey as it is a passion of mine to help others fight through adversity and come out of it on the other side with a new positive healthy perspective on life.

jeremiah cropped

Jeremiah Brewster

Who is going to win the National League pennant? Way too early Super Bowl favorites? Lebron James or Michael Jordan? Let’s talk sports! Sports are my passion, and its because of it sports that I’m here. As a former college athlete, I quickly saw the value of a healthy lifestyle and want to share that experience with you. I’ve live by the motto “Your best move, is your next move” and you’re guaranteed to MOVE in my classes! Make CrossFit your next move and see what everyone is talking about.


Devin Ellis

It’s safe to say I drank the cool aid. CrossFit has changed my life in so many ways and I would love for you to experience all of the positivity and happiness that comes with the package. I love Olympic weightlifting especially the snatch, no really it’s my favorite lift we do. I was also a gymnast for most of my years so I can teach you my ways on the bar and upside down.

I now get to wake up and do what I love every day. I will teach you the power of fitness, how to eat clean and fuel your workouts so that you get in shape and start to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

If you’re tired of the same ole’ boring workout and are ready to challenge yourself physically and mentally then step on up and let’s make it happen. Let your curious side get the best of you and come see me in the CrossFit gym here at Atlanta Kick.

*Ask me where all I’ve lived in the world. I love adventure and travel.


Heidi Ziegele

My life’s work (so far) has been about helping people improve themselves physically and mentally. And because of my personal journey-starting karate in the mid 90s as an unfit, uncoordinated, lacking-confidence young woman- I will always have a special place in my heart for any fitness beginner, and hopefully this is demonstrated every day in our gym by making all newcomers feel like part of the family and never intimidated. When I’m not training for powerlifting meets at the gym I may be practicing Japanese Archery (Kyudo), helping to raise money for animals (with our ownPowerlifting for Pups Meet!), or quietly meditating as I contemplate things like the nature of empathy, why my little dog Casper is so adorable, or why Morelli’s Salted Caramel ice cream is so damned tasty. I also enjoy occasionally wearing silly costumes while laughing and dancing with friends,sometimes even on video.


Jeff Thompson

I want to make sure each person that comes in contact with Atlanta Kick or AKCrossfit has a positive experience. I’ve experienced each of our programs as a participant, and it’s my mission to make sure everyone finds the awesome benefits that I did. Contact me anytime about any concerns, suggestions, or other feedback about Atlanta Kick, AK CrossFit or Operation Boot Camp. Much to my friends and family’s annoyance, I can talk forever about our businesses, or business in general. Additionally, if you’d like to hit or kick me, please show up to Karate Tuesday nights at 6:45pm.


Ali Giannavola

I’ve got twins that keep me motivated to stay in shape and on my toes and I pass that motivation and energy on to you when I teach Kettlebell, Kickboxing or CrossFit classes. Ask me about how to integrate your healthy foods into your family dinners and how I met my husband, Mike, RIGHT HERE at Atlanta Kick! Variety is the name of my game-I strive to make every workout different. Come work out with me; I will help you reach your goals, while making you sweat and have fun.