AK Strength Gym

Know you’re ready for some barbell action but not sure where to start?

In addition to being an award winning CrossFit gym, we are also part of an exclusive gym family of Starting Strength Gyms, which is the training ground for awesomeness. Seriously, it oozes from the walls and the brains of our Starting Strength Coaches in the form of insane amounts of knowledge on technique and form and years of motivating people to get out of their comfort zones to the promise land. Starting Strength Coaches have been evaluated for their expert instruction and their understanding of the Starting Strength method. A Starting Strength Gym affiliation is your assurance of a quality training experience, whether you join as a member or you’re in town on business. The finest equipment, expert coaching, helpful attitude for your training goals and aforementioned awesomeness are all part of the experience. At Starting Strength Gyms, including ours, you’ll be using barbells and free weights. Don’t worry if you’ve never been taught to use them before, we’d love to teach you!

To Get Started:

Email [email protected] to schedule your initial consultation. We’re great with beginners and have the knowledge and experience to make a nationally ranked powerlifter thrive (hey our coaches are some of those!).

Already an AK CrossFit member? Your memberships includes the use of Strength Gym hours. Be sure to review the the rules and contact Coach Alison for approval-we’ve got to see your awesome form before we can unleash you to barbells.

AK Strength Gym Training Times

What strength training can do for you:

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