Bod Pod Team Challenge

How It Works

Before the challenge begins we will randomly pair up Athletes who are participating for prices. The number of athletes per team will be determined by the total number of athletes that sign-up. All athletes must sign-up in the gym and payment is required to book the appointment time.

Testing Preparation

Click Here to see how you need to prepare for your test.

All About the Bod Pod

Click Here for an overview of what the Bod Pod is all about and what to expect.

For Inspiration

A Coach will be assigned to each team for motivation and support during the challenge

Challenge begins:

Saturday 6/16/12 and Ends: Saturday 7/28/12


6 weeks

Cash Prizes:

$20 Buy In Per Person + the cost of the before and after bod pod testing. (we can take cash, check or credit card for this.)

AKCF will take before/after photos (required if competing for prizes). Participants will need to sign-up at the gym with one of the coaches

How to win prizes:

The team with the best increase of lean muscle to fat ratio according to Bod Pod results. (Increase in muscle, decrease in fat.)

Participate without prize option:

People can participate without participating in prize pot; they may schedule Bod Pod testing and have before/after photos taken if they wish.

Bod Pod Before Testing:

Saturday 6/16/2012 10am – Till… Times will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

Bod Pod After Testing:

Saturday 7/28/12 10am – Till

Bod Pod Testing Cost:

$45 for before and after testing / $25 for a Single test.