Heck no! We will get you in shape and love that our clients come to us at all fitness level. Come be surprised at welcoming a gym can be!

You’ll be welcomed by a Coach and any of our friendly clients that are hanging out or working out. We’ve always shared our love of beginners and believe in a team environment. Your first visit will be a 60 min class introducing you to CrossFit, how it works, discuss your goals and assess your current level of fitness so that we can tailor a plan to get you the results you want.

You don’t need to “get in shape” to attend a free intro class-we’ve scaled them to be friendly and accessible for any fitness level. The first 15-20 minutes will be mostly conversation… We need to get to know each other a bit and discuss what you’d like to accomplish and talk about our approach to fitness. The last 30-40 minutes will be used as a physical evaluation and teaching you a movement or two. Don’t worry, we’re not the sort of people that’s going to poke and prod you with body fat test, before and after pics, etc. We’re the kind that cheer you on and want you to be successful.

Each CrossFit facility has its own personality and culture. We believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect, integrity, honesty, humility, courtesy, and a commitment to excellence in everything we do. We also pride ourselves in treating each person as an individual and not providing a one-size-fits-all approach. We want you to WANT to come to the gym and work to build an awesome supportive community so you’ll look forward to seeing friends and sweating it out with them. PLUS, AK CrossFit members can get access to our other programs at Atlanta Kick, such as fitness kickboxing kettebell classes and martial arts training.

You may wish to bring a small towel, water bottle and “yes I can” attitude.

Wear any sort of comfortable workout clothing and athletic shoes.

The workouts change daily but plan to be at the gym for about 1 hour. It will include a warm up, strength and mobility work.

No. If running is involved at all, runs are typically very short – 400 meters or less.

Most classes have a 6-12 people.

At AK CrossFit, Atlanta Kick, and Operation Boot Camp, we have had recent Olympic track and field competitors, grandmothers in their 70s, martial arts national champions, 3 year old kids, college students, soccer moms, and everything in between. We pride ourselves on our supportive, respectful environment, that is designed to help people reach their goals no matter where they are on their fitness journey.

Amazingly clean, with air conditioning and plenty of parking.

Our staff is certified and qualified in dozens of systems, methods, and programs. In particular we are CrossFit Certified, CrossFit Gymnastics Certified, CrossFit Kids Certified, Starting Strength Coach Certified, ACMA Certified, Cooper Institute Certified, ACE certified, Fitness Kickboxing Certified, OBC Master Trainer certified, First Aid certified, CPR certified, the list goes on and on. Many of our trainers are martial artists that have earned one more black belts in the martial arts and are certified martial arts instructors as well.

Most CrossFit gyms in Atlanta charge significantly more than a ‘globo-gym’ type membership for good reason. CrossFit trainers, using CrossFit methods, working with smaller groups of people, give much better results and a customized experience. You get much more attention. Many of our clients that have previously paid personal trainers $75 or more per HOUR feel that they have had much better results with our programs and methods. A cheap gym membership is a poor value if you get cheap results.

Please talk to your doctor before starting our program or any fitness or nutrition program. We can accommodate most any fitness level, and can usually work around limitations, but your fitness to do our program is a decision between you and your doctor (our lawyers made us write that!).

Yes. This is an involved topic, but we do provide 2 different nutrition plans, tracking and logging, counseling and seminars, etc. We believe in the old saying “You cannot out train your diet”.

Most of our clients see significant results after 2-3 weeks. By ‘results’ we mean you will feel stronger, look better, and feel better about yourself. Expect some muscle soreness, this is normal and means the program is working!

Anyone can do CrossFit, but honestly, not everyone likes it. The workouts are short, but very intense — some people are not ready to make a commitment to working hard enough to get the results that they want. Others don’t know how to work out really hard and are not open to really trying. It’s our belief and practice that hard work yields great results – believe us, it works. If you’re ready to work hard (and smart) to reach your goals, CrossFit may be for you.