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21-15-9 reps, for time
Thruster (95/65)

Note: Coach Glassman (the founder of CrossFit) created this WOD and promptly threw up after he did it.  He decided that trying to describe thrusters, pullups and how many of each was too complicated and decided to give it a name.  After the workout, as he was laying on the ground, looking up at the sky and thinking “WTF just happened to me”, he thought that this workout deserved a female’s name because sometimes that’s how women make men feel.  “If a hurricane that wreaks havoc on a whole town can be Fran, so can a workout.”

[wpvideo Km52adII]

“Jerk and the Box”
AMRAP 15 Minutes:
15 Box Jumps
15 KB swings (53/35#)
15 Push Jerk (135/95#)
Skills: Push JerkKB Swing