50 Thruster for time (115/85)

Better not drop that bar

The first time you drop the bar – 1 round of Cindy.

The 2nd time you drop the bar- 2 rounds of Cindy.

You’re done until you have completed all 50 Thrusters.

(1 Cindy = 5 Pull ups, 10 Push ups, 15 Air Squats)

Find Your Motivation

There will be times of discouragement and frustration when you just cannot quite get that handstand. Or maybe not getting your target consecutive kipping pull ups. We all know that it sucks, but giving up should never be the option. When you give up you have just proven to yourself and enemies that you do not have what it takes.  You train because people say you can’t. You train because you are so damn tired of feeling hopeless. You train because you have a goal. Next time you feel discouraged or a little sh*tty, think ” How bad do I want this?”