Get on the Benchmark Board!


For time:
150 Wallball shots (20/14)

Wall Ball

During the WOD, thruster must be executed in the following manner:

1. In the “start” position:

  • The athlete must have the ball resting/racked on the upper chest
  • Hips and knees must be fully extended

2. The “down” position:

  • Maintain the ball on the upper chest
  • Feet slightly wider then shoulder width apart
  • The athlete’s hip crease must be below the knee to begin the upward movement

3. In the “up” position:

  • Both arms are fully extended with ball striking the target overhead
  • Hips and knees at full extension.

4. One repetition is defined as:

  • Begin in start position
  • Move from the down position to the up position.


2 Rounds for Time:
400 Meter Run
15 Lunges on Each Leg
15 Pullups
15 Thrusters (95/65#)
15 Burpies
15 Overhead Squats

Skills: Overhead Squat, Thruster