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Why Try CrossFit Kids?

Why Try CrossFit Kids?

  • Kids Crossfit Classes are F-U-N!
  • Promotes healthy lifestyles
  • Increases positive self perception
  • Exercise performed for 20 minutes has proven to increase learning ability
  • When kids exercise, their grades go up
  • Kids are happier when they exercise


AK CrossFit Kids creates an encouraging fitness atmosphere for children in a supportive environment and great energy.  All exercises are scaled to the ability of each child, ensuring success at every level while building confidence.  Our CrossFit classes are a fun way to get kids in shape and better improve their physical fitness!

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  • Memberships are $59/month for 1x/week and $89/month for unlimited classes.
  • Ages 3-6 have class Monday and Wednesday 3:45-4:15pm
  • Ages 7-12 have class Monday and Wednesday 4:15-4:45pm