Believe it or not, this is Derrick's 1/2 body weight 😉

3 rounds for time.  Each round has a time limit of 7 minutes

In each round, travel 400m carrying 1/2 body weight. Then in the remaining time do as many reps as possible of Grounds To Over Heads  with 2/3 bodyweight.

Dumbbells and decency: Some people lack gym etiquette
Tim Schweska spends a lot of time with weights in hand.

He competes in Scottish heavy events – the tossing of weights and other objects – and hits the gym frequently. The 33-year-old acknowledges he’s a “bigger guy” and knows people are curious when he’s pumping that iron.

But don’t ask him that stereotypical question: “How much do you bench?”

“I’ve never walked up to a librarian and asked, ‘How fast do ya read?'” Schweska said.

Gym etiquette. Some have it, but many people don’t know what the phrase even means. Read more

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