Coach Rey lifting kids instead of barbells.

Run ________

21 ___________ (155/105)

Run 800 meters

______ Clean and jerk (155/105)

Run ________

[youtube -tjWK03VFxY 400 300]

There is Nothing Honest About Truvia

The commercial jingle for Truvia is SO catchy but it REALLY annoys me for a lot of reasons. The biggest issue I have with this product is that it’s the latest marketing brain-child meant to fool people into thinking that they can be healthy and still eat processed crap from a cute-looking package. I know the commercial isn’t that new, but since I’ve been watching a bit more Food Network lately, I’ve seen it a lot more often. It’s pretty disheartening that Truvia is such a huge sponsor of Food Network programming. I’m a big fan of people learning how to cook, but seeing these commercials in between every segment of a cooking show, well, it’s aggravating me to no end. Read more