Personal Training

IMG_0626If you’d like a personal trainer that is passionate about health, your goals and customer service then you have come to the right place. Josiah Igidi creates workouts that are individually designed to your goals and needs and that we promise will never be boring.

Josiah offers private sessions with a focus on strength getting you to become the healthiest you’ve ever been. Forget wanting to be back in the body you had in your 20s-let our trainers make now the best you’ve ever felt. Whether you’re goals are about general health or getting ready for a special event or competition, our team of caring, knowledgeable and skilled trainers will get you there. Welcome to an experience that is you-centered and intimidation free.

Personal training specializations:
– Weight Loss
– Strength and Conditioning
– Olympic Weight Lifting
– Nutrition Counseling

If you have any other questions or you are ready to get started, send an email to  [email protected]!


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