The August 2010 Garage Games AK CrossFit Team at the end of the day.

WOD 3 at the Garage Games:

50 push-ups
50 squats
50 KB swings
200m sprint
10 Ring Dips or 10 Jumping Ring Dips (rings between waist and shoulders)
15 Deadlift (185/95)
500m row

Want to see our athletes in action? We have two albums full of pictures. Album 1 and Album 2.

Those of us who competed are already looking forward to the next competition and want to see more of you compete with us. Why? Because when your adrenaline gets pumping, you are able to do things you weren’t previously able to do. Here are some of the things are team accomplished:

  • Joel did 5 handstand pushups, (11) 225lb. continuous deadlifts and came 1st in the sandbag run
  • Brooks did 12 handstand pushups
  • Brannon did 10 inverted burpees
  • Sandra and Krista did (8) 185lb. continuous deadlifts
  • Trevor conquered his fear of doing handstands and the mental block of being upside down is gone