Welcome – We’d Love to Have You WOD with Us!

If you’d like to drop in and WOD with us, read through our policy and FAQs and then reserve your spot below.

Drop In Policy

  • No first time athletes, please!  You must have CrossFit experience to drop in to one of our classes.
  • Purchase and reserve your class spot (details below)
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to class in order to meet the coaches and sign a waiver.

Visitor FAQs

  • If I am in town for an extended stay (longer than a week), what is the cost?
    • Shoot us an e-mail or talk with us in the gym to work something out. We handle this on a case-by-case basis.
  • Do I need to reserve/register for a class ahead of time?
    • We would TOTALLY appreciate if you could register ahead of time.  It will speed up the process when you get here. Do so by going to our schedule and enrolling in the class you’re going to attend.
  • I am following a specific program – can I just do my own thing?
    • If we don’t know you then probably not. It’s too much of a liability to let people just come in and train when we don’t know anything about your habits! Unless you are a Games athlete or HQ Staff, then you’ll just have to stick to our classes.

Purchase and Reserve Your Class

  • Step 1: Purchase your drop in pass
  • Step 2: Check out our schedule and email us the day/time you’d like to drop in